January 2017

Debtors onthe ANAF website

Sunday, 29 January, 2017|

The normative act establishes new ceilings for the publication of the overdue fiscal debts of taxpayers. Thus, ANAF will not publish the taxpayers’ debts to the state budget; of […]

Timisoara Court of Appeal precedent

Sunday, 15 January, 2017|

Consequently, although the interest and commissions are part of the total cost of the contract, having blurred and unequivocally clauses governing the contract, may be the subject of analysis […]

Taxes Elimination

Thursday, 12 January, 2017|

As of the 1st of February 2017, the following taxes are repealed:

Taxes charged by the Trade Register to register the trader and for registration of mentions, as well […]

Extemption from Tax

Wednesday, 11 January, 2017|

This feature will be implemented in terms of compliance regulations in the field of state aid.


Tuesday, 10 January, 2017|

At the same time, the tax on the construction (also called “taxes on pillars”) is abrogated.

As of 1 January 2017 Form 088, used for the evaluation of the intention […]

High Court of Cassation and Justice precedent

Tuesday, 10 January, 2017|

that the reason of illegality referred to in Article 488 (1) point 4 of the Code of civil procedure (when the court has exceeded the attributions of the judicial […]