On the 15th of November 2017, the European Commission published the last CVM report of the current year.

Assessing the stage of implementation for the 12 recommendations which should bring our country closer to the termination of this mechanism, the report has a deeply pessimistic tone, in spite of the optimism shown by the Minister of Justice and the representatives of the government coalition.
For instance, only 3 of all the recommendations have been accomplished, and generally speaking, the reforms have come to a halt. The controversial project for the amendment of laws concerning the judiciary system, the unjustified refusal to lift legislative immunity, the lack of dialogue between institutions and the relentless criticism of the judiciary system, on behalf of both the legislative and executive powers, are some of the figures composing a hostile climate for the independence of justice, risking to jeopardize even the already implemented reforms.

Issuer: the European Commission
Date: the 15th of November 2017