ANAF has announced that the system that allows the garnishment by electronic means has become operational. The system implementation has been achieved through the Order of the Ministry of Public Finance No. 691/2017 concerning the establishment electronic means of long distance transmission of the execution acts and their communication procedure.
Thus this new system will ensure a fast and effective communication of the execution acts and will remove the deficiencies relating to the delayed termination of the garnishment of bank accounts in the case of when the fiscal debts are paid, so that the activity of the taxpayers will be the least affected.
The system provides the communication of the execution acts issued by central fiscal institutions to the credit institutions by means of long distance electronic communication, respectively of garnishments notices regarding the available cash and decisions of termination of the forced execution measures of the available cash and, intending to fight the bureaucracy and to simplify the administrative procedures.
The objectives of the implementation of this system are:

  1. A faster communication of the enforcement acts, including those issued as a result of the termination of the enforcement measures;
  2. The cost reduction of the communication for the parties involved – ANAF and credit institutions;
  3. The termination of the forced execution measures in real time.

Issued by: ANAF

Date: 23.06.2017