The SMEs will be eligible for the minimis allocations from the state budget, from the budget of the Ministry of Economy through the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises, Business Environment and Tourism, under the form of non-refundable amounts, in a percent of 90% of the total eligible costs approved for funding.
The minimis aid shall be granted for a period of 2 consecutive fiscal years, within the limit of the approved credit budget without exceeding the RON equivalent of EUR 100,000.
The estimated minimum number of beneficiary SMEs of the minimis aid was increased from 1,000 to 1,111 SMEs which can get this facility.

The entries shall be made within 10 days of the start of the selection process, on the forms submitted online starting at 10.00 of the first day of enrollment until the last day until 20.00.
Also it was regulated the possibility of extending the term of enrollment until the exhaustion of the available budget.

The projects proposed for funding will be accepted in the administrative evaluation phase in the order of scores obtained, and in case of a tie, the tiebreaker criteria that prevail are the following, in this order:
  • the activity domain of the NACE Code related to the funding request;
  • number of new jobs created;
  • SME category of the applicant;
  • location of project implementation;
  • amount of profit from operations at 31 December 2012 and net income on 31 December.
After the funding admission the electronic application shall grant to each project an identification number, called Number RUE (Single Electronic Register), and the applicant will be notified by letter in electronic format on the record, and the RUE number of the project.

Within 10 working days since the receiving of the notification letters regarding the acceptance on the administrative assessment, the applicants who have obtained the minimum percentage of 60 points are required to submit the request for the funding agreement together with the supporting documents, to the Territorial Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives (TOSMEC) from the jurisdiction where is the registered office of the applicant. Otherwise, the applicant will be deprived of the right to benefit under the scheme.

Applications for funding will be reviewed within budget, in order of their score on the entry form, checks being carried out by the Implementation Unit established at the TOSMEC, within 60 days of the application date.

The start date of the online registration forms will be announced on the website of the institution with at least 5 working days prior to the start of the process.

The minimis aid recipients are required to open the account type 50.70 ('Available from subsidies and transfers') at the State Treasury.
The Beneficiaries will be required to submit to TOSMEC an annual reporting on the funding effects until July 1 of the current year for the previous year, for a period of three years from the completion of the investment.

According to Law, TOSMEC shall perform controls at the headquarter of the SMEs, beneficiary of the de minimis aid, regarding the compliance of the documents related to the eligible expenses under the scheme, respectively on maintaining the investments and employment for a period of three years from their completion.
The irregularities related to the lack of assets purchased by the de minimis aid, the accounting records of those assets, the restriction of the created jobs, the change of use of funding, as well as any other violations of legal norms, the implementation unit, observed by TOSMEC will determine the start of the recovery procedure, in whole or in part, of de minimis aid granted.

Published in the Official Gazette no 689 of 11.11.2013
The Act has entered into force on 11th November 2013
Issued by: Government of Romania